Our Brand Partner : NTH Watches

We started with NTH brand to be our brand partner as we personally know the founder and have been intensively discussed about NTH watches. We do research and review those watches, and decided to have a momentum kick-start with NTH brand in Indonesia. NTH Watches was founded by Chris Vail with one simple guiding principle - sell a good product at a fair price, and back it up with outstanding service.

Why NTH? What does it mean? Is it “Enth” or “N-T-H”? In algebra, N represents an unknown value of infinite possibilities. The process of solving an equation to find the value of N is a process of reducing the unknown and infinite down to the known and finite. It's a lot like the process of design, where we start with a blank page, but through a process of refinement end up with a final design. Sometimes the design process is an attempt to come up with something completely new, but often it's a process of taking existing ideas further. Each NTH model puts a new spin on a classic, vintage design, so you can think of NTH as standing for “Nod to History”, or as an expression of our goal to take our designs as far as we can go, to the “Nth degree”.

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