Welcome to the world of Micro-Brands watches...


This page is not about Timeindo website. This is a message for every people especially those live in Indonesia to see bigger picture of micro-brand watches worldwide. Micro-brand wathces community are everywhere in pretty much every countries. The industry is huge, and keep growing because there is no such limitation in this industry. Every idea of watches can be excecuted. Before we show you bigger picture of micro-brand watches, we will explain the terminology of micro-brand watches itself.



Microbrand watches are wristwatches produced by independent watch companies that have an output of c. 300-2000 watches per year. The term "microbrand" is usually synonymous with the microbrand watch industry, though it can also be more widely used to describe any small-scale brand that is likely only recognized in niche communities and among hobbyists. The first microbrands debuted in the early to mid-2000s. With the advent of the internet, brands were able to distribute watches directly to consumers within e-commerce, without taking on the overhead usually associated with luxury goods such as retail locations, marketing budgets, and other associated costs. As a result, the prices of microbrand watches are generally significantly lower than luxury-tier-watches, despite being produced in the same factories. Many brands that started (or were revived) during this period are now called "legacy microbrands" within the watch enthusiast community. (Source : Wikipedia)

We tried to simplify the meaning. Basically watches which are produced by independent companies, limited production, and mostly refer to luxury watch Swiss brand, or other major brand in the watch industry. We devide Microbrand into two category :


Some people call this as lazy micro-brand because they just follow some particular major brand models, very little different physically, and they just put their own brand and model on it. Some brand like Steinhart and Invicta releases some exact model like some Rolex models as pictures below :

Those examples are very clear mimicking Rolex. We didn't say those brand are not good, in fact Steinhart for example is very demandable in the market, and now become huge watch industry. In this page we only tried to define about micro-brand watches. There are hundreds brand fallin in this category, not every of them are good and worth to the price. 


Super Homage

There are some brands in Micro-brand watches was built and inspired by some particular respected brand like Rolex, Omege, etc. But the maker combined every aspect of those major brand into single piece. For example :

  • The case is inspired by Rolex vintage
  • The besel was inspired by Omega, etc.

I will take NTH for example on NTH Nazario Sauro models 

The end result is very different, because that is .result of combination from some particular major brand as their reference. There are some brands fall into this category such as : NTH, BOLDR, ZELOS, etc. Not every watches in this category is good in quality, only some of them are good and that is the idea of Timeindo, filtering and selling the highest quality of micro-brand in the market.




  • There are huge number of forums in every countries, even there is an online huge forum like KickStarter.com that bring the micro-brand grow and become very good industry. And in digital era, social media will spread all information worldwide. People become more easy to show something by pictures or video. Youtube for example, when you search micro-brand keyword, they are thousands videos available. Unboxing video, and review video from customers or other independent people like us.
  • Very huge rooms to grow in this industry, and in this digital era, everybody can do a research online, they will find what they need but they sometimes can't get the products in their own country. They need assurance, they need local independent store to accomodate their needs. That's the idea of Timeindo. 

Here are some Youtube video that shows you how big micro-brand industry is.


Those are only some example that this industry is huge and keep growing time to time. For you who want to discuss further about micro-brands, you can contact us. One clear message for you in Indonesia, YOU ARE NOT ALONE !