Brand Story

Advisor is an independent watch brand from Singapore which its designs draw inspirations from horological history. The unique twist comes from its modern interpretation of classic designs to create timepieces that are completely contemporary. 


AUDAZ is the Latin word for BOLD and the Audaz Timepieces showcase that attitude. Audaz Watches specializes in developing Professional Dive Watches using right technology and best quality components to withstand the high demanding challenges for your adventures over the deck or underwater. They deliver high quality and a unique style.





BOLDR Supply Company is an outfitter brand for the urban explorers of the world. Based out of Singapore and Malaysia, we manufacture watches and watch gear that's super-tough, stylish yet functional, and always #readyforadventure.

When you wear a BOLDR product, you’re becoming part of a global #beBOLDR movement - a shared passion and mission for seeking out the adventurous side of life. Whether you're traversing the forests of the world or striding through an urban jungle, the BOLDR spirit empowers you to face everyday challenges head-on, with a watch that never leaves your side.

Designed to be worn, used, and abused every day, strap on a BOLDR and step out of your comfort zone.



We talk a great deal about being tough, and that’s because we had a tough start.In our very first collection, BOLDR was faced with the heartbreaking task of cancelling our Kickstarter campaign right before it was due, already having raised over $120,000.

The three of us (Travis, Isa, and Leon) were young bucks from Singapore and Malaysia looking to create a watch that combined classic analog designs with tech functionalities. Armed with bright ideas and cargo pants, we were ready to take on the world - enter the ‘World’s First “Clever Watch”, named BOLDR Voyage. The Voyage was an analog quartz watch with smartwatch features that could track your movements, buzz in notifications, control your mobile camera, and a bunch of other cool stuff.

The Kickstarter campaign opened to an overwhelming reception, blowing way past our goal in just over 24 hours.

Thinking that worldwide fame was just a matter of time (pun intended), we spurred on enthusiastically with no inkling of the looming series of disasters.

Without warning, we found manufacturing costs had increased sharply and suddenly. We were also slapped with the unexpected high cost of obtaining CE and FCC certifications, which are vital for internationally shipping products that emit Bluetooth signals. While we had planned for the proper certifications from the beginning, we didn’t anticipate the enormous costs of obtaining them.

This left us exposed to a huge risk of being penalized by customs, which would ultimately prevent us from delivering our watches to eagerly-awaiting backers.

Amidst several sleepless nights, we held intense discussions pacing back and forth as we tried to come up with solutions, spurred by our drive to uphold the trust our backers had in us. There was always the option of proceeding with the campaign and trying to find solutions after it had ended, but that would either result in delayed delivery or a further increase to the price of the watch. Neither of which sat well with us.

From the time we set out to build this company, we wanted to be 100% sure that we could deliver on our promises. Every decision was made on the basis of integrity, being transparent with our customers, and doing our best to provide reliable watches that speak of courage and toughness.

And that’s why, rather than being unable to fulfill the pledges or not deliver our products, we made the hardest decision we’d ever had to face. Cancelling the campaign was gut-wrenching as we had poured our heart and soul into the project, not to mention countless hours of work and large amounts of our own money. Between manufacturing the watch, PCB board, and other required components, we simply couldn’t find a way of getting everything done in quantities and costs that made sense as a business.

Nervously sending out the message that we were discontinuing the campaign, we expected a huge backlash from disappointed and dismayed backers. However, we were extremely humbled by an outpouring of support and understanding instead.

"I'm so sorry you had to make this decision; I'm sure it must have been gut-wrenching. No matter how much you research, and how hard you work, and how carefully you plan, there are still forces beyond your control that you can't overcome at the time - the Titanic disasters of this world. But hopefully, you have the drive & the resources to move forward, incorporating what you've learned so you ARE successful next time. I very much appreciate and admire your honesty & transparency with us Backers. I'm eager for you to come back with your next BOLDR campaign; you will have my support then as well. Best wishes, good luck, and please keep us informed."
Nikki C
"Sorry for you guys. I've been in situations many times in new startups that we have had to close down - you have done the right thing. It doesn't mean you can't start it again. You only learn by getting it wrong. To get it right now, take the learning (massive is my guess) and build another BOLDR. Fall Forward not back. Looking forward to hearing from you that you are launching it again at a new price point and that it will be successful. Backers are also keeners. They want you to succeed

Immediately after the campaign, we vowed to uphold the love and trust given to us by our community of backers, so after a brief break of catching up with normal life, we picked ourselves up and got going again. We decided to put our first baby (the BOLDR Voyage) back to a work-in-progress status and pursued the next product in line - the BOLDR Journey, which became BOLDR’s first official watch series. Incidentally, we named the Journey in celebration of the trials and tribulations faced on the journey we had just been on.

And that’s how BOLDR came to be a brand that stands for the men and women of the world who face the path less travelled, full of difficulties and challenges to overcome. We salute those who make new discoveries through endless trials, tribulations and errors, and those who find fresh experiences and inspiration in the strangest of places. BOLDR embodies that can-do attitude of defying odds and achieving the seemingly impossible by building products that accompany you on life’s adventure. Our watches don’t give up easily - just like you.


Celebrating 100 years, CITIZEN, a pioneer in watchmaking and innovative technology, promotes excellence and creativity with a deep-rooted respect for craftsmanship. CITIZEN advocates “Better Starts Now,” searching for and accomplishing goals that better our lives. In this respect, CITIZEN aligns with organizations and personalities that reflect the values of the brand including the Citizen Naismith Trophy, National Merit Scholarship and Good360.

As a “citizen of the world” we bear the responsibility to help cultivate positive change and on-going evolution to our craft. For over 40 years, CITIZEN’s Eco-Drive technology has served as the prime example of how the brand is dedicated to making the world and its environment a better place. A simple yet revolutionary concept, Eco-Drive harnesses the power of light from any natural or artificial light source and converts it into energy. Using a renewable natural resource instead of filling our landfills with discarded watch batteries.

Our name speaks to our belief of inclusion with a multi-cultural mindset to create timepieces that can be enjoyed by citizens all over the world.  In 2018, CITIZEN solidified an alliance partnership with Disney, another powerhouse brand with similar values and ideologies. With a long-term partnership in place, CITIZEN participates in activations surrounding the Disney Parks, Marvel, Star Wars and more. CITIZEN is the Official Timepiece of both Walt Disney World and Disneyland with branded clocks in both theme parks. In addition, CITIZEN launches co-branded watch collections with Marvel, Disney, and Star Wars this year.


Crafter Blue comes from Hong Kong, the influential watchmaking place for decades. We  continuously design and craft the ultimate dive watches and related accessories such as diver's rubber straps and metal bracelets for professional divers.  




Formex Swiss Watches, established in 1999, is an independent family-owned watch manufacturer based in Biel/Bienne - known as the cradle of Swiss watchmaking. With our roots in high-end watch manufacturing, we develop and produce watches that meet the highest quality standards in the industry, and equip them with unique engineered features to add more functionality and comfort. Through an innovative distribution model, Formex offers an affordable luxury watchmaking experience for those who appreciate fine timepieces and exceptional craftsmanship. But what’s our story?


Where We Come From

  • The Formex history goes back 20 years when two Swiss brothers, both watchmakers and enthusiasts alike, wanted to combine their passion for watches with their love for motorsports.
  • "Formex = forme extrème, French for ‘extreme shape’"
  • Inspired by the engineering and mechanics of high performance racing cars and bikes, the two brothers developed the brand’s signature patented Case Suspension System. This cushion-like system protects the watch’s movement and considerably adds to the comfort on the wrist, while giving every Formex a very distinctive, robust and sporty look.


Where We're Going

  • Over the following fifteen years, Formex launched over forty collections of modern timepieces, all featuring the patented Case Suspension System. The brand became widely recognized among aficionados of extraordinarily designed sports watches.
  • "An innovative distribution model, paired with our strong ties to high-end manufacturing, allows us to offer a top-notch Swiss luxury watch at a unique price point. "
  • In 2016, Formex opted out of traditional brick and mortar sales and introduced a new distribution model, based on a direct-to-consumer approach. We refrain from expensive marketing campaigns or celebrity endorsements and invest the money where it matters most; the product development and engineering, the materials and the craftsmanship.


We Practice What We Preach

  • CEO Raphael Granito embodies the brand’s passion for speed, precision, mechanics and adrenaline. From an early age, he spent his school holidays working in his father’s watch component company. He learned the conception, development and production of elaborate timepieces from some of the most renowned brands in the industry. 
  • "Breaking boundaries, taking risks and testing limits was always a part of Formex. Our timepieces have everything it takes to become the most faithful partner on your own adventures."
  • Today, Raphael is a watch aficionado, downhill skater, car racer, snowboarder, freediver, surfer, skydiver and paraglider. With adventure in his heart and technical expertise in his mind, Raphael transitioned the successful Formex brand into the new age of online business.


Our Personal Promise To You

  • When you shop our online store, we are making you a promise: there is no one between you and us. The price you see is the price you pay, no hidden fees, no shipping costs, no duties and taxes. If for any reason you think it’s not the right fit, you can return your watch free of charge and get a full refund; no questions asked. 





Founded as Fabrique d'Horlogerie La Glycine in 1914 by Swiss watchmaker Eugène Meylan, Glycine initially specialized in designing and manufacturing small movements for ladies watches, and during the 1930s, Glycine launched its own self-winding watches, and subsequently, chronometer watches.

With the advent of intercontinental air travel, the Glycine Airman was released in 1953, for meeting the needs of pilots. The watch had a calendar function, a rotating 24-hour bezel with a locking mechanism, and a 24-hour dial with AM, PM and Noon written on it. In keeping with its aviation link, Glycine also introduced the Airman SST in 1967, inspired by supersonic transport aircraft such as the Boeing 2707, and featured a tonneau-shaped case, orange dial, and internal rotating bezel. To date, Glycine has released various reiteration of the original Airman, including watches featuring GMT hand, date magnifier, chronograph, or 12-hour movements.

In 2016, Glycine joined the Invicta Watch Group, with Invicta's primary involvement on developing distribution and marketing strategies for the company.



Gruppo Gamma is an independent boutique brand based in Singapore. Established in 2013 with the aspiration to build the ultimate tool watch, the brand represents the best of non-mainstream. With its ability to provide a unique ownership experience every time, Gruppo Gamma has amassed a cult following both locally and internationally, and emerged as one of the most desirable brands for people in the know.

Designed in Singapore and built by manufacturing partners of high-end timepieces, Gruppo Gamma uses only the best components and materials; such as Swiss movements by ETA, the world's largest Swiss movement manufacturer, and premium Italian leather straps handmade in Florence, the cradle of the renaissance. The brand is equipped with a showroom, a service center and a network of reputable authorised dealers worldwide.

Year 2020 is an exciting year, with the launch of several key models and the introduction of GammaCare, a programme to lift ownership experience to even greater heights. Newly released models include the Mk II Divemaster, a dive watch with a depth rating of 500m and equipped with helium escape valve, and the Mk IV Vanguard in a marine-grade bronze case that would develop the most characterful patina over time. In the pipeline is the Nexus, a watch inspired by vintage depth gauges worn by frogmen many decades ago.



Heimdallr Watches is offering a wide selection of high-quality diver and military watches. All our watches are produced in high quality and sold at an affordable price. Our goal is a happy customer and we are trying our best to satisfy you.



In the Danish culture, Hygge expresses a fundamental aspect of a lifestyle where cozy, warm and friendly feelings are cherished. Since 2009, the company P.O.S. and talented designers have collaborated to develop the Hygge watch project where the hygge feelings are embraced as an entire part of the design and the owner’s identity. Influenced by Scandinavian modern design and in respect of the finest Japanese craftsmanship, Hygge continues to be a symbol of both cultures by creating and offering exceptional timepieces.



Le Jour watches started it’s humble beginning in the 1960’s, Well known by watch aficionados and collectors worldwide for manufacturing Swiss made mechanical watches.

Masterfully designed Le Jour Chronograph watches using Robust Valjoux movements were some of the most desired in that era due to its modest pricing and durability leading to its Phenomenal Success.

Collections were inspired by Auto-racing, Sailing, Yachting and Aviation.

Over the Years Le Jour established a reputation by making Professional watches epitomizing precise engineering, dependable construction and using premium mechanical movements.

During 1980’s with the shift of demand from High end Mechanical Watches to the mass oriented Quartz Revolution, Like many other European manufacturer’s, even Le Jour began to phase out the production and with time eventually for unknown reasons faded away completely.

The New Journey of Le Jour has started, Picking up the brand's heritage where it left off 30 years earlier, Le Jour is evolving to adapt iconic models of the past to current trend.

With great attention to the Legacy, Heritage and Sentiments attached tothisbrand which made  Le Jour Invincible, the brand is being revived with complete commitment and dedication. Maintaining its Vintage charm, Luxurious feel and assurance by using high-end materials, sophisticated reliable movements, we pay tribute to the traditional watchmaking by creating the same brilliance and excellence of yesteryears Le Jour watches.

The vision of Le Jour is to provide Luxury Timepieces of Distinction to Exclusive Men looking for Performance and Precision from Niche Horological Instruments.



Lytt labs is the brainchild of two founders and friends who conceived the idea in 2014. The lead founder and CEO has years of manufacturing experience for the top global brands, bringing his exacting and demanding standards to Lytt Labs watches and expanding the group to include an international team of professionals.

Unrestricted by the rules of classic watchmaking nor heritage, the founders set forth with a clear and simple vision - to provide a unique and forward-thinking approach to watchmaking, ensuring that each piece is both thought-provoking and a conversation starter.

With corporate inspirations defined, the first series of design creations were heavily influenced by urban environments and architecture. Indeed the play of light across the various surfaces of the Inception is reflective of the company’s underlying philosophy.

Lytt Labs broke into the industry in 2017 with the launch of the Inception V1.0 - a technical and vibrantly coloured timepiece with eye-catching details that gained immediate attention globally.

In 2018, the Inception V1.1 was released with design enhancements to the brand font, hour and minute discs. The addition of luminescent paint to all significant areas of the dial (numbers, markings, logo branding and indicator arrows) further enhanced visibility in the dark, exuding a sci-fi edge. These restrained touches add a crisper, more elegant quality to the overall aesthetic of the V1.1, creating a truly stunning watch.

We are not simply a company. We are a community; here to inspire, create, disturb the norm. In the course of changing the watch world, we discovered we could change the world with a new 'lytt' technology. Join the movement, follow us for the announcement of a groundbreaking new model soon.




Nethuns is found by a group of watch fanatics with the mission and belief to create robust and professional diver watches, using unique metals and materials and quality movements. The result of our creation is durable man-ware designed to last a lifetime.

Nethuns in Etruscan mythology was the god of wells, water and sea. With this in mind our brand is dedicated to watches use at sea.

It has taken over 2 years from the idea of Nethuns watch to its birth. Our first model the “ Nethuns BRONZO”, made with a limited run of 299 pieces was released in 2015. The Bronze material used in the Nethuns BRONZO are unique to us. It consist of a unique formula of Alloys of copper and tin. The result is a tone of alloys that is beautiful to look at when new and more stunning as it ages with its owner.

All watches going out of our factory are subject to vigorous Quality Control. We want you to have a watch that you are happy with and one that you can truly rely on. If on the rare occasion that you experience any problem with your watch, please contact us directly or via any of our authorized dealers.

Why NTH? What does it mean? Is it “Enth” or “N-T-H”? In algebra, N represents an unknown value of infinite possibilities. The process of solving an equation to find the value of N is a process of reducing the unknown and infinite down to the known and finite. It's a lot like the process of design, where we start with a blank page, but through a process of refinement end up with a final design. Sometimes the design process is an attempt to come up with something completely new, but often it's a process of taking existing ideas further. Each NTH model puts a new spin on a classic, vintage design, so you can think of NTH as standing for “Nod to History”, or as an expression of our goal to take our designs as far as we can go, to the “Nth degree”.




OceanX – A watch that brings out the Ocean Explorer in you.

Our mission is simple: To recreate the spirit of legendary dive watches.

Using the latest watch making technologies to re-engineer the classic design making more durable modern day dive watches powered by high quality automatic mechanical movement with a more affordable price tag.


Hello Friends,

We are Ethan Guo and Emily Feng, a young couple from China. In 2014 we took a trip to Greece, attracted by its rich history and beautiful landscape. Inspired by our visit, in 2016 we established our own watch brand: PHOIBOS. The name PHOIBOS comes from Ancient Greek Mythology and is the other name of the God of light and sun, Apollo. The meaning of PHOIBOS is “Bright, Shining One”.

Start 2018 we begin release original design watch, our philosophy is a tool watch still looks classy !!!

We strive to manufacture watches of superior quality. As such we only use Swiss quartz movements and Swiss or Japanese automatic movements, made by expert hands. PHOIBOS watches are designed to withstand the most demanding real-world conditions for a long life. Since 2019, all watches on this website made by Hong Kong watch manufacturer.

We offer a 1 year manufacturer warranty for quartz watches and 2 year manufacturer warranty for automatic watches. Our North America Authorized Service Center is Time-Tec Watch Service Center, located in Los Angeles, CA, 90014, United States; the No.1 watch service center on the west coast. Europe Authorized Service Center will build soon for better offer watch warranty to Europe customers.



From the moment man endured to traverse the seas around him, a legacy of bravery, adventure, skill and ingenuity has ensued.

While modes of movement across the sea vary, it is yachting, the very use of nature’s own elements to move across the oceans that is the purest form of seafaring. It is also the most demanding.

Combining the best of technical skills, engineering prowess, strength, determination -The world of yachting is an embodiment of the best a man can be.

Our timepieces through a combination of material, design and craftsmanship pay tribute to the world and lifestyle of yachting, with a flair and style that makes each timepiece wearable on land and on the waves.



Undone is a young watchmaker founded by Michael Young, a renowned English designer, born in 1966 in Sunderland. He worked for the Pompidou Museum. He is known in the industry as a sophisticated minimalist, acclaimed for his aesthetic, elegant and sleek designs.

This atypical founder believes that the definition of luxury in our society is twisted. Luxury is, in fact, generally associated with purchasing power. According to him, luxury brands use their notoriety to sell mass-produced products at a high price, often not very representative of the quality of the product itself. For Undone, luxury is firstly the purchase of a product, specially made for the customer, while mastering the combination of components of irreproachable quality.

Each watch is made in the Undone installations. The brand has decided to integrate the production line into its company. Product and packaging research and development, component production, assembly, quality control and execution are 100% controlled by Undone

Each model in the Urban Vintage collection is inspired by a historical watch. Killy watches are reminiscent of Rolex Dato Compax watches. The speedy watch is a tribute to the Omega speedmaster watch, worn in space during NASA's Apollo 11 mission. The Newman Chronograph salutes the Rolex Daytona worn by Paul Newman. Mystique watches are inspired by the stars and the universe . Each model is named after a planet. We find on the dials, beautiful gradients, either green, gray, blue or red.

Undone watches are all equipped with a Meca-quartz movement. This movement has the distinction of using both a quartz movement for hours, minutes and seconds, and a mechanical movement for the Chronograph. The Meca-quartz chronographs have the precision and stability of quartz, the handling of a mechanical chronograph and a physically compact set.




In 2019 the Venturo label was created, as a spinoff to Gruppo Gamma, because we wanted to do more and to reach out to different customer profiles. Venturo made its debut in 2019 with the Field Watch #1, which was sold out within months. 

Venturo now introduces the Field Watch #2. Its classic cushion-shaped case is based on the elusive Rolex Oyster Army watch, the Ref 3139, that was issued in small numbers to soldiers during World War II and which is no longer in production.  There are key differences, however. Unlike the 30mm Rolex, the Field Watch #2 at 42mm has greater wrist presence, and the alternating surface finishing (brushed and polished) is a delight to behold. The profile of the caseback hints very subtly at the Rolex Bubbleback.

It is also more contemporary - 316L stainless steel case, 200m water resistance, sapphire crystal, Swiss Super-LumiNova X1 grade, and the robust NH35A automatic mechanical movement from Seiko Instruments. 

There are 6 different dial colors to choose from. The full kit, with two straps - leather and canvas - will be available at the end of March 2020.



YEMA's workshops are located in Morteau, a small village in Bourgogne Franche-Comté region, in the Jura Mountains close to the border with Switzerland. This area is renowned for its watchmaking tradition.

In 1948 Henry Louis Belmont, a methodical and pioneer French watchmaker, created his own watchmaking company under the name of Yema, Mr Belmont graduated top of his class from the National Watchmaking School of Besançon in 1931. The story goes that the name of the brand was born of the imagination of a teenager in a school contest organised by Henry Louis Belmont himself. Without realising it, the young student imagined a name that would become synonymous with fine French watchmaking.

We must go back to 1963 to discover the very first Yema Superman. A watch first developed for diving professionals thanks to its 300 meters waterproofing and safety brake stop (or bezel-lock) made it distinctive and unique. Considered indestructible, the Superman was at the time chosen by the French Air Force to equip its pilots.

Yema produced in 1966, the first Yema Yachtingraf, especially designed for the sailing world. This automatic chronograph (Valjoux movement), waterproof to 200 meters, indicated the regatta time.
There have been up to 6 different versions of this model over the years.

The first model of Yema Rallygraf, also saw the day in 1966 and was especially designed for the world of car racing. One of these chronographs was worn by Formula 1 driver Mario Andretti.
There exist several variations of dials for this mythical model.

the late 60's Yema became the leading French Watch Exporter for three years consecutively (1966, 1967 and 1968) with more than 500,000 watches sold every year across 50 countries.

In 1982 a French Spaceman, Jean-Loup Chrétien, flew from the Baikonour base for a 10-day trip into space. On his wrist, he wears the very first French watch in outer space, the Yema Spationaute 1. In 1985 the Discovery shuttle takes off with on board Patrick Baudry and his Yema Spationaute II for the first Franco-American orbital flight mission.

In 1986, Yema joined Jean-Louis Etienne, a French adventurer during his 800 km solo trip across the North Pole, first human in history to achieve this. .A special tool-watch was created especially for the occasion. Resistant to extreme cold temperatures thanks to its titanium case, this model had a system to avoid the magnetic north and a sun's time for navigation.

After an investment of more than € 3 million and 4 years of Research & Development in 2011, Yema releases its in-house self-winding mechanical movement, the MBP1000, which is entirely designed, developed and assembled in France at our Morteau workshops.

French's 10th astronaut mission into space was called Proxima, in tribute to the nearest star of our Sun.
In 2017, Yema and CNES work together again in creating a brand new model in honour of this new mission, the Yema Spacegraf.