Started from small wrist watch community in south of Jakarta, intensively discussed about horology time to time. In 2015 two of us came up with business idea to start community based watches business focused on medium to high-end brand. We realized that watches industry is very interesting in Indonesia, huge rooms to grow and wide range brands and level to play around. We found facts happened in Indonesia's watch consumer market :

  • Very brand minded. There are famous medium watch brand rules the market, and those are categorized as good watches such as Seiko, Citizen, Orient, Casio.
  • Fashion watches is leading the market here, and we consider those fashion quartz watches are not collectible pieces. Some of them are quite low quality with high prices.
  • Homage watches start selling well in some area in Indonesia. In fact, there are some homage community existed. We are talking about design copy of luxury brand with different brand such as Steinhart and some Invicta watches.
  • High-End Swiss brand market is big here, but the market gap between medium and high-end is too big. Scarcity is also another issue.

With those facts, we concluded that LACK OF EDUCATION about horology in Indonesia will give us a fortune on the business. We decided to started watch business with education approach, and getting right the people mindset of horology. Online website, youtube video, and open forum in our office will help our business to grow fast. We love competition in the market, but we all experienced in watches in terms of knowledge and technical, and we see another way from most people think here. We know that there are huge numbers of MICRO-BRAND watches in the market, and we learn that some of them are really good but some are bad quality. 

Here we are now, created a new market vibe with micro-brand watches in Indonesia, selecting the best micro-brand with high quality and perfection, educate customers with our knowledge, and providing great customer service. And we are, TIMEINDO, the first finest high quality micro-brand watches store in Indonesia.





Having luxury watches is every men’s dream. Some people says, it’s a prestigious symbol of being successful in life. That’s true. However, choosing the right watches is different story whether you are in successful not successful. Whether you are rich or not rich.

  • Some people are very successful and brand themselves with luxury watches
  • Some people just being realistic by having reasonable genuine watches as their level of life.
  • Sadly, most of the people are pretending to be very successful in their social life and branding themselves with fake luxury watches.


Which one are you?

Watches are not reflection of your success. You can buy fake watches even you are very successful. Watches is a reflection of your personality, watches is YOU !. So stop fooling yourself !, and just BE REAL...


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