Shipping (Q&A)


Where will my order ship from?

  • All orders will be deliver from our office in Jakarta, all stock will be in our placed. 
  • Pre-order fulfilment will be from Jakarta as well. We don't do dropshipping.


Will it be free shipping?

  • For Indonesian customers, YES we give you FREE shipping all over Indonesia.
  • For Non-Indonesia customers, it wont be free shipping for retails.


Can I see the watch first before I buy?

  • YES if you live nearby our office, you can come to our office and check the watch before you buy.
  • The rest area or international must be using logistic company available.


When will my order ship?


  • Orders of in-stock items will typically ship within 1 or 2 business days.  
  • Please see target delivery dates for pre-ordered items, and watch for our production update emails as we near those dates. 
  • Orders which include both in-stock and pre-ordered items will not be shipped until all items become available. If you would like in-stock items to ship separately, please contact us to request it. Additional shipping charges may be due. 
  • You will receive a notification with tracking link within 24 hours of your order being shipped. 
  • If you have not received a shipping notification for in-stock items within 3 business days, please contact to inquire about your order status. Please allow added time during seasonal and Indonesia Public holidays.



How will my order ship?

  • For Indonesian customers : JNE, J&T, RPX, Go-Send (only 25km distance from our office)
  • For International customers : EMS or Indonesian Post
  • Please note that all shipment will be insured.


What happen when an order is delayed, or the tracking stops?

  • It is not uncommon for shipments to appear delayed, due to tracking system errors, or for tracking to stop entirely. 
  • We appreciate our customers' patience with delayed shipments and tracking interruptions. We may ask for a reasonable waiting period before considering missing packages lost, based on location and time of year. 
  • If your order does not arrive within one week of its expected date, please contact us


What if my shipping address on pre-order changes, or I'll be traveling when it ships?

  • We require customers to make all address changes to their accounts, in order to avoid the possibility we'd make a mistake while editing an order, but updating your address in your customer account does NOT automatically update the address for your order, which we must edit manually. 
  • If your delivery address changes, first please log into your customer account to update your shipping address, then contact us with the address you want to use for delivery, so we can edit your order with the correct address. 
  • We can also hold orders while you are traveling, but we cannot do scheduled release dates, nor can we guarantee delivery to temporary addresses within narrow windows of time, as we cannot be certain of our exact shipping date or shipping times. If you want us to hold your order, please let us know as early as possible, then contact us again when you want your order released.


Do you ship internationally?

  • We'll ship just about everywhere, within reason. We reserve the right not to ship to any country known for high rates of online and credit fraud, terrorism, corruption, human rights violations, and cannot ship to any country with which the Indonesia prohibits trade. Orders we receive but cannot ship will be refunded. 


Do you ship internationally?

  • We'll ship just about everywhere, within reason. We reserve the right not to ship to any country known for high rates of online and credit fraud, terrorism, corruption, human rights violations, and cannot ship to any country with which the Indonesia prohibits trade. Orders we receive but cannot ship will be refunded. 


Can you mark the order as a gift, or use a lower value on customs declarations for international shipment?

  • We cannot falsify customs documents by marking orders as gifts. However, because many of our sales are pre-orders, we provide our order fulfillment partners with the lowest pre-order price for all items, which will be the declared value on customs forms. 



What happens if the package is lost or stolen?

  • All packages are shipped with tracking and insurance, but not for full retail value. As such, we reserve the right to refund rather than replace an order, and will typically require a reasonable waiting period before considering a shipment as lost in transit, based on location and time of year. 
  • Filing and recovering on a lost package claim can take some time, and may require a digitally-signed affidavit from customers, stating that a package was not received, before we can issue a refund. Lost package claims may be investigated by carriers, and fraudulent claims may be prosecuted. 
  • Security and accessibility of a delivery location is customers' responsibility. If you are concerned about the security of your delivery address, if your mailbox cannot accommodate larger packages, or if your mailbox isn't readily accessible due to security measures in place, please consider using an alternate delivery location for your shipping address, such as your place of work, a family member or neighbor, or a rental mailbox. 
  • We cannot and do not take responsibility for packages which are stolen after being marked as delivered, or packages lost by couriers after attempting to make delivery, but being unable to gain access to your delivery location. Please be sure to consider this when providing your shipping address. 
  • If you believe your order has been lost or stolen after delivery was made or attempted, please contact your local post office with your tracking number, and inquire with neighbors. 
  • If your order was never delivered, please contact us so we can initiate a lost package claim.

Payment Methods


International orders can be processed online or manual invoice based and paid with Visa or MasterCard. Timeindo will also charge a processing fee for as payment processor regulations. All online international orders are verified through the Timeindo payment system to accommodate our International cardholders. Please note that your order may be subject to additional verification of address or product availability. If more information is needed, you will be contacted by a customer service representative shortly. You will receive a second email as soon as your order has been verified and processed. To expedite the processing of your order, please be available at the phone number or email address you provided so that we are able to contact you. If our verification department is unable to reach you, your order may be delayed. If your order is not approved you will be notified of your cancelled order status via email.



Indonesian market is very unique. Indonesia past bad internet business experiences drive us to deal with Cash On Delivery. It is sometimes not about the money / payment. But more into verifying the seller and watch authenticity check. Please refer to our COD (Cash On Delivery) regulations below :

  • Only applicable for Indonesia's stock or if you do pre-order, you will be required to wait until your watch arrived in our Indonesia store.
  • You will be required to pay advance payment (Down Payment) as minimum 20% of the total bill. You will also be required to pay remaining bills on delivery.
  • You can not cancel the transaction based on like or dislike of the models. Unless the watch is damaged or stated as counterfeit.



Virtual account is the best and safest way to do money transfer. You will send the payment to our virtual account processor under our company name, and we as seller must be verified before using this service. Instead, you can also direcly send the payment to our bank account. We work with major bank in Indonesia like BCA, Mandiri, BNI, CIMB Niaga and Danamon. 



International orders can be processed online or manual invoice based and paid with Visa or MasterCard. Timeindo will also charge a processing fee for as payment processor regulations. All online international orders are verified through the Timeindo payment system to accommodate our International cardholders. Please note that your order may be subject to additional verification of address or product availability. If more information is needed, you will be contacted by a customer service representative shortly. You will receive a second email as soon as your order has been verified and processed. To expedite the processing of your order, please be available at the phone number or email address you provided so that we are able to contact you. If our verification department is unable to reach you, your order may be delayed. If your order is not approved you will be notified of your cancelled order status via email.



As the fever of crypto currency in the market, drive us to deal with this type of payment method. We accept Bitcoin payment by online integrated checkout or manual sending to our bitcoin wallet. Please note, that every country have different regulation on amount, fees, and limitation.



In addition to credit card payments, Timeindo also accepts international orders via wire transfer. Wire transfer orders must be submitted via email and processed manually. When sending Timeindo an international wire transfer payment, please make sure to pay all fees associated with your wire transfer (contact your bank for fee details). Timeindo will email you a list of wire transfer instructions after an invoice is generated in our system, and an order total is confirmed.

Technical Guide & Terms

Visual Diagram of a Wrist Watch

Watch Guide


Watch Movements

Automatic watch .           An automatic or self-winding watch is a mechanical watch, whose mainspring is wound automatically by the natural motion of the wearer's arm, providing energy to run the watch, to make it unnecessary to manually wind the watch.
Quartz watch A quartz watch is a watch that uses a movement powered by a quartz crystal to. Quartz crystals are very accurate.
Automatic Quartz watch An automatic quartz watch is a watch that uses a movement that combine a self-winding rotor mechanism (as used in automatic mechanical watches) to generate electricity with a piezoelectric quartz crystal as its timing element. Such movements aim to provide the advantages of quartz without the environmental impact of batteries.
Manual Hand Wind A manual wind watch must be wound every day by the crown in order to run. Even with that inconvenience, they are still produced by the major houses in Switzerland. Some of the most beautiful pieces made today are manual wind.

Watch Functions

Alarm watch The watch alerts you with beeps at a pre-set time.
Altimeter A device that determines altitude by responding to changes in barometric pressure.
Atomic watches The watch can receive signals from six atomic clock radio broadcasts worldwide providing unerring timekeeping.The U.S. government operates an "Atomic Clock" in Boulder, CO. This Atomic Clock will not gain or lose a second in 60 million years.
Barometer A feature found on some watches, measures the atmospheric pressure.
Calendar A feature that shows the date, and often the day of the week. There are several types of calendar watches. Most calendar watches show the information digitally through an aperture on the watch face. Some chronograph watches shoe the information sub-dials on the watch face.
Chronograph A watch that includes a built in stopwatch function - i.e., a timer that can be started and stopped to time an event. There are many variations on the chronograph. Some operate with a center seconds hand which keeps time on the watch's main dial. Others use sub-dials to time elapsed hours, minutes and seconds. Still others show elapsed time on a digital display on the watch face. Some chronographs can be used as a lap timer (see "flyback hand" and "split seconds hand"). The accuracy of the stopwatch function will commonly vary from 1/5th second to 1/100th second depending on the chronograph. Some chronographs will measure elapsed time up to 24 hours. Watches that include the chronograph function are themselves called "chronographs." When a chronograph is used in conjunction with specialized scales on the watch face it can perform many different functions, such as determining speed or distance (see "tachymeter" and "telemeter") Do not confuse the term "chronograph" with "chronometer." The latter refers to a timepiece, which may or may not have a chronograph function, that has met certain high standards of accuracy set by an official watch institute in Switzerland.
Chronometer Technically speaking, all watches are chronometers. But for a Swiss made watch to be called a chronometer, it must meet certain very high standards set by the Swiss Official Chronometer Control (C.O.S.C.). If you have a Swiss watch labeled as a chronometer, you can be certain that it has a mechanical movement of the very highest quality.
Compass A compass that lets the wearer determine the geographical poles by means of a rotating bezel. The wearer places the watch so that the hour hand faces the sun. He then takes half the distance between the position and 12 o'clock, and turns the bezel until its "south" marker is at that halfway point. Some quartz watches have solar compasses that show directions on an LCD display.
Cosmograph The cosmograph differs to the chronograph in that the tachymeter is on the bezel rather than on the outer rim of the dial. This was invented by Rolex to create a more modern look to the watch.
Countdown timer A function that lets the wearer keep track of how much of a pre-set period of time has elapsed. Some countdown timers sound a warning signal a few seconds before the time runs out. These are useful in events such as yacht races, where the sailor must maneuver the boat into position before the start of a race.
Digital-Analog Watch A wristwatch containing both digital and analog displays.
Divers Watches Diver's watches are designed and manufactured especially for divers whose lives depend on the reliability of their watch in the water. Diver's watches must meet various standards regarding water resistancy, pressure resistancy, readability in the water, time presetting function (rotating elapsed time bezel), anti-magnetic ability, anti-shock, rust resistancy in salt water, manageability in water, ability to withstand sudden temperature changes, etc.
Dual Timer A watch that measures current local time as well as at least one other time zone. The additional time element may come from a twin dial, extra hand, subdials, or other means.
GMT Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is also known as Zulu Time and UTC (Universal Time Coordinated). The Navy, as well as civil aviation, uses the letter "Z" (phonetically "Zulu") to refer to the time at the prime meridian. Generally when the GMT term is used with watches it refers to the ability of the watch that shows local time and the time in at least one other time zone in a 24 hour mode. The reason for showing the additional time zone in 24 hour mode is to allow the wearer to know if the second time zone is in AM or PM.
GPS The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a space-based global navigation satellite system (GNSS) that provides reliable location and time information.
Kinetic Refers to the Seiko line of Kinetic watches. This innovative technology has a automatic quartz movement that does not use a battery. Movement of your wrist charges a very efficient capacitor which powers the quartz movement. Once the capacitor is fully charged, models will store energy for 724 days without being worn. Of course, if the watch is worn every day the capacitor is continually recharged. The watch alerts you to a low capacitor charge when the seconds hand starts to move in two second intervals.
Moonphase display A graphic display by means of a specially shaped aperture in the dial to indicate the phase of the moon, i.e. full, new or somewhere in between.
Perpetual Calendar A type of calendar that automatically adjusts for months of different lengths and indicates February 29 in each leap year.
Power reserve indicator A feature that shows when the watch will soon need a new battery or winding. A battery reserve indicator on a quartz watch informs the wearer when the battery is low. Often this is indicated by the seconds hand moving at two or three-second intervals.
Rattrapante Used to describe the split seconds chronograph which has two seconds hands sitting atop one another. On depression of a third chronograph button (most have two), the flyback hand will stop in order to measure say, a lap time; repressing this button with cause the flyback hand to flyback(!) to the other seconds hand which has remained in motion.
Retrograde A watch with a retrograde display does not display the function in a circular fashion, as we are used to seeing. Rather, it sets out the functions in a linear manner. Instead of the hands going round in a circle, they travel along an arc, and when they get to the end, they jump back to the beginning.
Shock resistance As defined by U.S. government regulation, a watch's ability to withstand an impact equal to that of being dropped onto a wood floor from a height of 3 feet.
Solar powered watch A watch that uses solar energy (from any light source) to power the quartz movement.
Tachymeter A feature found on some chronograph watches, a tachymeter (also called a "tachometer") measures the speed at which the wearer has traveled over a measured distance.
Telemeter A telemeter determines the distance of an object from the observer by measuring how long it takes sound to travel that distance. Like a tachymeter (see "tachymeter"), it consists of a stopwatch, or chronograph, and a special scale, usually on the outermost edge of the watch face.
Thermometer A feature found on some watches, measures the temperature.
Tourbillon A device, invented by Breguet in 1801, in which the escapement is mounted in a small revolving cage as a means of overcoming the effects of gravity on the precision on a mechanical timepiece.
World time dial A dial, usually on the outer edge of the watch face, that tells the time in up to 24 time zones around the world. The time zones are represented by the names of cities printed on the bezel or dial. The wearer reads the hour in a particular time zone by looking at the scale next to the city that the hour hand is pointing to. The minutes are read as normal. Watches with this feature are called "world timers."
Yacht timer A countdown timer (see "countdown timer") that sounds warning signals during the countdown to a boat race

Pre-Orders (Q&A)


What is the status PRE-ORDER means?

  • Pre-Orders means the product(s) is/are availabble in brand's warehouse and ready do deliver to our warehouse in Indonesia


How long it takes to be deliver ?

  • It is depend on the location of the brand's warehouse, shipping company used, and seasons. Mostly between 7 - 10 days. 
  • We stated approximate fulfillment on every product page. 


What is the Pricing for Pre-Order ?

  • It is 100% require full payment in advance, becase we assure that the product(s) is/are available, not in production stage.


Can I cancel a pre-order for refund?

  • Your pre-order can't be cancel because by the time order(s) placed, we requested to the brand to deliver your order.


Why need to be Pre-Order. Can you just put them in stock in Indonesia?

  • As a business, we are dealing with many things to consider. We have certain limit of dead stock in our warehouse for healthy business run.
  • And also we have a huge risk to deliver all models / brands in 1 time on the customs side. We have certain limit of risks of having a huge cost on big amount of fulfillment.


Technical (Q&A)


How do I size my bracelet ?

  • If your watch comes with a bracelet, there are removable links in it, and the clasp has either a ratcheting expansion feature, or some micro-adjustment holes to provide a comfortable fit. 
  • Removable Links with Solid Screw Bars
  • The removable links in our bracelets are held in place with solid screw-bars
  • Be sure to use the correct size screw driver when removing the screw-bars, and don't force them. Using a screwdriver which is too small for the screw heads can strip them, making removal impossible, and requiring them to be drilled out. Stripped screw heads are not covered under warranty.
  • We recommend using a small bit of mild thread locker or clear nail polish on the screw-bar threads, to prevent the screw-bars from coming loose. Lost screw-bars and resultant damage to a watch are not covered under warranty.
  • Clasp Adjustments
  • If your clasp does not have an ratcheting expansion function, there will be additional end-link mounting holes on the sides of the clasp. These micro-adjustment holes enable smaller sizing adjustments than the removable links. The end-links can be moved to the other holes by compressing the ends of the spring-bars holding the end-links in place.
  • If All Else Fails
  • If you require assistance sizing your bracelet, most jewelers and any watchmaker can size a bracelet quickly and inexpensively.


Tell me more about automatic winding ?

  • Automatic movements wind themselves, using a weighted rotor which turns as you swing your arm. If you are physically active while wearing your watch, automatic winding can keep it near full power, and performing at its best. Unlike hand-wind-only movements, a clutch mechanism in the movement prevents automatic movements from being over-wound.  
  • Most automatic movements are bi-directional winders, wound by the rotor turning in either direction. The Miyota 9015 is uni-directional winding, with the winding rotation being clockwise.
  • You may sometimes hear or feel the rotor quickly spinning in the opposite direction. Most automatics will take more than 1000 full rotations of the rotor to reach full power, so it may be necessary to also hand-wind your watch to keep it performing at its best


Tell me more about hand winding and crown operation

  • Most movements can also be hand-wound using the crown, adding power to keep a watch running, and maintain accuracy, which will typically decrease as a watch winds down. 
  • Hand-winding can be more efficient than automatic winding. The rotor will need over 1000 rotations for the watch to reach full power, but the crown will need much fewer rotations:
    • Seiko cal. series NH3x - Full power at 55 full rotations
    • Miyota cal. series 90xx - Full power at 40 full rotations
    • STP series STP1-xx - Full power at 25 full rotations
  • When hand-winding, do not rotate the crown back and forth, in both directions. Wind the mainspring by turning the crown clockwise only. You may begin to hear a clicking sound when the mainspring is fully wound.  
  • The crown can be either push-pull, or screw-down. Screw-down crowns are spring-loaded, and will pop out when the threads inside the crown clear the threads on the case tube
  • Always make sure your crown is all the way in while storing or wearing your watch. If it's the screw-down type, make sure it's screwed down. Do not force your crown in or out, and be careful while screwing it down, so it does not become cross-threaded or over-tightened. 
  • Some crowns may need a bit of lateral pressure while being pushed in, to engage different positions.
  • Most modern automatic movements are "hacking", which means the seconds hand will stop when the crown is in time-setting position. 
  • Crowns on some newer watches may require a bit of use or break-in for lubricants inside the movement to be evenly distributed. While changing positions, you may find the crown slipping into a neutral, "free-wheeling" position where it does nothing. This should self-correct in a short amount of time, through continued use. Please contact us or one of our authorized distributors if it does not.


What is the proper date setting procedures?

  • If your watch displays the date, it should automatically change around midnight.
  • But if your watch has stopped, manually setting the date between 9pm and 4am can damage the date-change mechanism. If your watch has stopped, the time displayed could be am, or pm. 
  • To avoid causing damage, first advance the hours until you see the date change near 12am, then set the watch to the correct time, then set the watch to the correct date, so long as the current time is not between 9pm and 4am. 
  • The date will usually be advanced by turning the crown clockwise, however, with the Seiko NH35, the date is advanced by turning the crown counter-clockwise. 


What type of routine maintenance is necessary?

  • The movement in your watch should run reliably and accurately for years, but may require periodic maintenance. 
  • Swiss mechanical movements should receive routine servicing or replacement no less frequently than 7 years. Japanese mechanical movements may need some lubrication to the rotor if it becomes loud, but should otherwise not need maintenance for at least a decade. 
  • Contact us and we will do it professionally in our service center


Tell me more about accuarcy

  • Mechanical movements are not typically as accurate as battery-powered quartz movements. Their accuracy can be affected by position, the power in the mainspring, and environmental conditions such as temperature.
  • Prior to shipping, all of our watches are adjusted to make sure they are running within the movement manufacturers' stated specs for accuracy. If you find your watch is not running accurately on delivery, please contact us
  • The accuracy specs provided by the movement manufacturers are the average daily ratesof the multiple positions in which they're tested, and when tested at full power:
    • STP1-11 - Average daily rate of +/- 15 seconds/day, tested at full power (25 complete crown rotations, or 50 half-turns), measured in 5 positions of dial up, dial down, crown up, crown down, and 6 up, with up to 15 seconds/day of  variance between positions, and up to +/- 20 s/d difference due to isochronism (loss of accuracy at less than 1/2 of full power).
    • Miyota 9015 - Average daily rate of -10 to +30 seconds/day, tested between 10 and 60 minutes of full power (40 complete crown rotations, or 80 half-turns), measured in 4 positions of dial up, 6 up, crown up, and crown down, with up to 40 seconds/day of posture difference, and 20-40 seconds/day difference due to isochromism (loss of accuracy at less than 1/2 of full power).
    • Seiko NH35 - Average of -25 to +35 seconds/day, tested between 10 and 60 minutes of full power (55 complete crown rotations, or 110 half-turns), measured in 3 positions of dial up, 6 up, and crown down, with up to 60 seconds/day of posture difference (12 up, 6 up, 9 up, 3 up), and 20-40 seconds/day difference due to isochromism (loss of accuracy at less than 1/2 of full power).
  • You may experience better or worse performance on the wrist, or over a 24 hour period, based on activity, ambient temperature, and power in the mainspring.
  • Your watch will become less accurate as it winds down, and may not run within spec at less than 1/2 of its full power reserve.
  • If a watch is dropped or suffered a hard impact, it may affect the balance, causing it to run fast or slow, and require adjustment by a watchmaker, which is not covered under warranty.
  • If you find your watch is running extremely fast, gaining minutes per day, its movement has most likely become magnetized. Magnetic fields are very common, and your watch can become magnetized easily due to proximity to computers, speakers, and mobile devices. Your watch may even have been magnetized during shipping.
  • Demagnetization is something which can be done quickly and inexpensively by any watchmaker, or using inexpensive degausser (demagnetization) machines available online, or by setting your watch on the anti-theft device pads located at many stores' checkouts. Demagnetization of your watch is not covered under warranty.

Return Policy (Q&A)


What should I do if I need to return the watch?

  • Please inspect all items carefully upon arrival, prior to removing any protective wrapping. Feel free to test functions, and inspect under high magnification.
  • Our return policy applied to : Broken pieces upon arrival, failure movement upon arrival.
  • You will have only 7 days to return the watch to our address if there is any condition refer to point 2.


What is your policy for refunding or replacing returns?

  • Returns for refund or replacement must be in as-delivered condition, with all original packaging and protective covers in place, regardless of the reason for the return.
  • Any items not returned in as-delivered condition will be subject to a minimum restocking fee of 20% or more, depending on condition.
  • Customer requests for replacement of returned items, rather than returns for refund, will be considered at our sole discretion.
  • Do not return any item without first contacting us to arrange for a return authorization. All returns must be done according to our guidelines, using the address we provide, NOT the return address on the order shipment.
  • Returns for refund must be inspected prior to a refund being issued, and may not be sent directly back to our order fulfillment center. Returning items to our fulfillment center will delay a refund, and incur additional fees, which will be netted from refunds.
  • Customers who ignore or fail to follow return shipping instructions assume all risk for lost shipments.
  • We do not pay return shipping costs on items returned for refund.
  • Refunds will be net of our actual shipping costs, even if shipping was not charged on the order. 


What if I find a mechanical defects or assembly error?

  • Please contact us immediately if you find any mechanical defects or assembly errors. We may ask for pictures or video showing the defect.
  • If we determine an item has a mechanical defect or assembly error, and it is still in as-delivered condition, we will arrange for a return for immediate replacement, at our cost, including shipping.
  • If the item is no longer in as-delivered condition, we will arrange to have it repaired under warranty, within 1 years of delivery. 


How do I determine if a defect is a defect?

  • The parts for our watches are made by machines, then finished and assembled by hand.
  • Due to manufacturing tolerances, necessary clearances between metal parts, and human fallibility, we cannot guarantee 100% perfection or uniformity without dramatically raising our prices.
  • In order to deliver a quality product to our customers, each watch goes through multiple rounds of quality control, where we separate defects - meaning mechanical problems and assembly errors - from what we consider acceptable variations.
  • Acceptable variations are "judgment calls" we make when there's no objective measure or industry standard we can use. These may include but are not limited to alignment of fitted partsevenness of finishingsmall tool marks, and color differences in coated or lumed surfaces.
  • As a rule of thumb, we ask ourselves if we're comfortable having the watch used as an example of the quality we deliver, knowing it will affect the reputation of our business. If we're not comfortable with it, it fails QC.


What is the reason behind your return policy?

  • Some customers seem to think it's not customer-friendly.
  • Our products are micro-brand watches which have new models in very limited numbers. If a watch is returned, but not defective, it goes back into inventory. Every watch we produce must be sold to a customer, none of whom will accept it if they think it's been worn. 
  • Some QC failures or returns for defect will be sold at a discount or added to our in-house collection, but most QC failures and returns for defect are sent for repair/re-assembly, after which they will be added back into inventory. 
  • These are the reasons why we require all returns for refund or replacement to be in as-delivered condition, and cannot accept returns of items not in as-delivered condition.
  • We don't own the factory, which is overseas, and have very few employees. We have to be very efficient in our operations, particularly in how we handle repairs and re-assembly. Sometimes repair/re-assembly isn't handled until months later, when time allows, and often when we're running low on inventory for sale.
  • This is why we like to immediately replace any defects which slip through QC and make it to our customers. We want to be sure we have a replacement available to send to our customer, and that we are managing repairs/re-assemblies as a group, at the right time, so we can stay efficient, rather than managing one repair at a time, with our customer waiting.
  • This is also why we ask customers to carefully inspect their watch before altering its condition by unwrapping and wearing it.
  • If you find something wrong with your watch, please do not try to ignore it, thinking you might "get over it". We want to address all problems sooner rather than later. If you bring it to our attention later, we might not agree what you've found is a defect, or we may not be able to conduct a quick return for replacement or repair.
  • We will do everything we can do, within reason, to ensure our customers' satisfaction. 


Warranty (Q&A)


What type of warranty does Timeindo have?

  • Unless otherwise noted, watches are warrantied against mechanical defects and assembly errors for two years from the date of delivery. See below for a full description of warranty terms.
  • The expiry date of warranty will be stamped on the warranty card you received along with the watch.


When is my warranty void?

  • Your watch should not require service or repair within the warranty period. Any disassembly of your watch may void the warranty. Please do not attempt to repair your watch without first contacting us. Case parts damaged in the process of attempting a repair cannot be replaced.


What is covered and what is not in my warranty?

  • The warranty is to protect the customer against hidden problems resulting from mechanical parts failure or incorrect assembly. It covers all mechanical malfunctions of the movement and operating problems stemming from incorrect assembly. 
  • The warranty does not cover "wear and tear" damage caused by normal use, abuse or neglect, including but not limited to exterior marks on case or bezel, shattered crystals, worn out straps, broken buckles, broken spring bars, and loose bracelet screws. 
  • The warranty does not cover incidental damage stemming from partial disassembly, to include but not limited to removing the bezel or attempting to modify your watch. It does not cover unauthorized repairs by third parties.
  • The warranty does not cover improper use, including but not limited to damage to the date-change mechanism caused by improper date-setting, improper method for sizing the bracelet, or crown damage caused by cross-threading or over-tightening a screw-down crown.
  • The warranty does not cover routine service or maintenance which may be required within the warranty period, including but not limited to demagnetization, or adjustments for accuracy resulting from the watch suffering an impact which affects the balance. 
  • Please be sure to review our site's techincal page for more information related to proper use, operation and maintenance.
  • The warranty does not cover acceptable variations or microscopic imperfections which fall within our QC standards due to manufacturing toleranceslimits of manufacturingnecessary clearances, and human fallibility. Please see our return policy for more information.


How do I make a warranty claim?

  • If your watch requires repair due to mechanical malfunction or assembly error within 1 year of delivery, please contact us. We reserve the right to require photographs or video demonstrating the malfunction or error, and the right to do troubleshooting prior to arranging for repair. Most repairs can be turned around fairly quickly.


Special Inquiry (Q&A)


Will you have SALE promo in your website?

  • We don't do many SALE promo. If we do have a sale or a pre-order, we'll announce it in our email newsletter and on social media when it starts. 


Can I get discount or free shipping?

  • All customers are automatically enrolled in our loyalty rewards program, which generates coupon codes based on how much our customers have spent in our store. 
  • For Indonesian customers, it is FREE SHIPPING all over Indonesia
  • These are the only discounts available - loyalty rewards, and free shipping on large orders



Can I request a specific serial number?

  • NO we can't do that
  • Some watches are with serial number, some are without serial number. NTH no longer use serial numbers, or let customers request specific numbers.


Can I request a different strap or make some other special order request?

  • Sorry, we are unable to accommodate special requests for changes to products.


Can I get the catalog mailed to me?

  • We don't have printed catalogs. Our website is our catalog. You're on it. No mailing or waiting necessary. You're welcome.


Do you sell replacement parts?

  • We will supply our customers with replacement parts as needed, upon receiving photos of damaged parts in need of replacement. Please use our site's contact form to initiate the request.


Do you have independent reviews? How do I get the sample fro review?

  • Yes. We have dozens of awesome, unbiased, objective reviews from professional reviewers, and hundreds of reviews from happy customers.
  • Unbiased reviews - we do not supply bloggers or "social media influencers" with free products or discounts in exchange for reviews, photos, video, or positive mentions on social media. We consider all such requests insulting, considering our customers pay cash, and many of them will review our watches for free. 
  • If you are a blogger or member of the press and would like a sample for review and return, please contact us. Please understand that we will assess review requests by considering the size of a blog's audience and give preference to bloggers we've worked with in the past. 
  • Inquiries from social media influencers will be ignored. Any rude messages we receive may be posted to our social media accounts, for our friends and fans to ridicule. 
  • Visit our youtube channel HERE



I forgot to use a coupon code at checkout. Can I get a partial refund for it?

  • Unfortunately, we cannot edit orders once placed, but coupon codes generated by our website do not expire, so the code can be used on a future order. Pre-orders (orders for items not yet in stock) can be canceled for refund, and items can be re-ordered at then-current prices.


My card was declined at checkout, but it looks like i was charged. Can you help?

  • Whenever a customer has a problem checking out, 99.99% of the time it is due to entering the billing address or some other information differently than how it is in the issuing bank’s records. If you have trouble at checkout, please be sure to check your credit card billing statement and key-in your address exactly as it is on your statement.
  • It’s not uncommon to see ‘phantom’ charges when a card is declined - a record of attempted charges which didn’t go through, but for whatever reason, they appear to have been completed on bank/card records for a few days before the issuing bank clears them from the record.  
  • We recommend calling the card issuer. Sometimes customer support can have phantom charges cleared sooner. We have never charged anyone for a transaction which was not completed, or charged anyone more than once for a single transaction. Please understand there is nothing we or our merchant processor can do to assist in that situation.