Timeindo is bunch of team passionate in Horology. We know watches, we collect some of brands and decided to bring our passion into business, this is the best possible scenario to run a business based on passion and hobby. Our business will become stonger and stonger because we love it, we upgrade our knowledge and we share our knowledge to our customers Here are our strenght points to lead the micro-brand market in Indonesia :


Passion will always bring you to research, and will result a knowledge. That's what we are. Our business approach will be EDUCATION. We actively educate our customers thru blogs, video, forums, or direct discussion in our office. There are many people love watches but still have no idea which one is categorised as good watches to be collected, and how much money worth to spend. 



Without knowing technical matter of the watch, it wont make the business strong. We have our in-house technician in our Service Center. Experienced handling respected major macro brand watches repair center, decided to be part our Timeindo team.



We are strong in social media, we have our own team dedicated on this. Youtube, blogs, local media partership, etc. You will never missed any new information about watches, and review.



Customer handling and maintenance is our priority, we have different team responsible for that. We will serve you faster and better. We are not watch seller, we are bunch of people as your watch advisor.


With all those strength value, we will be able to maintain our quality of watches that we bring to our customers, because we will check every pieces and brands from every physical and technical aspects. We always and will always maintain :

  • QUALITY : Fantastic construction using the best materials with great attention to detail and durability.
  • EXCLUSIVITY : You won’t typically find any of our brands sitting ready in any Amazon, Overstock, or other chain warehouse.
  • DISTINCTIVE : We’re looking only for watches that have a story, quality, and designs that will initiate a conversation among friends, family, and strangers alike just glancing over at your wrist.